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Renewable Energy

Arcadia Energy


Development and management of Energy assets

Arcadia Energy focuses on development of:

1)Electrical power generation;


3)Renewable energy (“RE”) projects – < 30MW;

4)Energy efficiency & management;

5)Energy retailing;

* in Malaysia as well as internationally.

In expanding the business growth, Arcadia Energy’s strategic approach will be via key partnerships from various sectors and geographies.

The core strength that Arcadia Energy brings are the agility, diverse knowledge and experience in the areas of fund structuring, risk assessment, technical know-how and high value commercial arrangements.

Subsidiaries of Arcadia Energy:

Operation & Maintenance Services

Central Utility Facility

Arcadia Energy currently holds an O&M contract for a Central Utility Facility (“CUF”) located in Johor, Malaysia. The CUF distributes its product and services 24/7 in an industrial park to clients which include MNC’s. The CUF has an availability of 99% and is fueled by Biomass waste having with the following maximum capacity:

oSuperheated Steam (20 bar) – 80 tons/hour

oChill Water – 22,000 kwr/hour

oWaste Water Treatment – 700 m3/day

Central Utility Facility

Turnaround Plan

  • Phase 1 (2020) – Upon completion of the O&M period, investment for the implementation of Energy Efficiency System (EES) to ensure operating profitability of the CUF plant and enter into a 7 years Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) contract with Biocon.
  • Phase 2 (earliest 2021) – Investment for the upgrading of the CUF plant into a Biomass Power Plant of up to 6MW installed capacity and enter into a min 16 years BOOT contract.
  • Invest into development of strategic projects to support the groups project requirements.Enables the mitigation of fuel security risk.Focus on all types green fuel production such as:

    a.Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) pellets;

    b.Refuse Derive Fuel (RDF);

    c.Oil Palm Trunks Pellets;



    f.Algae biofuel; and

    g.Power crops.

    Currently supplying to CUF.

    • Energy efficiency solution provider.
    • Specialized in energy management and provide services such as energy audits, evaluation of chiller plant cost savings, green technology system integrator and energy performance contracting.
    • Together with our partners, we have worked with clients from healthcare, commercial, industrial, data center, hospitality, education to government premises. Example of our clients are Gleneagles Hospital, Hospital Sg.Siput, AIMS data center, Equatorial hotel, NSTP.
    • Other Business activities
      • Engineering servicesTradingChiller system

        O&M packages


        District cooling system

Other Energy Ventures

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