World's 1st mobile charging Service for EV




Geo-Line invented [PLUG & PAY Electric Vehicle Mobile Charging-Payment Service] based on the mission of sharing electricity on[line] for the sustainable earth[Geo], It is a venture company that is growing together with customers. The Korea Energy Agency is proving an electric vehicle as an eco-friendly vehicle that reduces particulate matter and carbon dioxide. I founded Geo-Line in 2014 with 30 years of researching automobiles and 17 years of participation on the green transport and focusing on protecting the environment through the popularization of electric vehicles. It is a matter of course, but your choice is most important to the success of electric vehicle popularization. The best way for you is to charge conveniently and cheaply at your usual parking place. It is convenient and inexpensive to charge a condominium or a building underground parking lot with a regular outlet, but it is difficult to process the charge, as so far you have to take a lot of cost and inconvenience and need an alternative. Geo-Line created the best solution with an open mind to solve the dilemma of electric car charging.
Now, stay away from the dilemma and join us on the path to the Earth and your future.

Innovative Electric Vehicle Charging – Payment Solutions

Complete electric vehicle charging-payment service at the lowest cost

Easy charging anytime, anywhere

Charging / payment using general AC outlet enables easy charging at home, company or anywhere

A dream for a sustainable future

PLUG & PAY help to populate electric vehicle and minimize greenhouse gas emission

Geo-Line presents [PLUG & PAY] as a solution to overcome the limitation of EV charging problem.

The world’s first electric vehicle mobile charge-payment service [PLUG & PAY] provides a full electric car charging-paying environment with the least cost.

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