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Hankook Helicopter Co., Ltd. has made its first step in the barren domestic unmanned aviation industry since 1997, and has developed more than 10 types of products, including recreational RC unmanned helicopters and industrial unmanned helicopters for over 20 years, and recently multicopters for aviation control.

Our products have been well received in overseas markets rather than domestic, so RC unmanned helicopters have once been exported to 84 countries, and industrial unmanned helicopters have also been supplied to overseas markets soon.

Since 2015, we have produced and supplied foldable aviation control drones equipped with propeller safety guards to protect users and aircraft, and have been supplying them to the domestic market. Recently, we have developed wide-width drones that spray more than 10m to dramatically improve the effort of aviation control. We supply one product.

In the future, we will continue to fulfill our role as a pioneer in the UAV industry by producing differentiated multicopters as well as high-performance unmanned helicopters using the original unmanned aerial technology.

All of our employees of Korea Helicopter Co., Ltd. will go out of the environment of “fashion is technology” and will strive for more with a creative spirit, and will make more efforts to develop new products that lead the market.



KAD1200 (card 1200)



Korea Agricultural Drone

world’s first safety guard is installed to protect humans and aircraft.Easy operation of the drone and folding storage
After selecting the point and starting point, automatic spraying method at 5m intervals selection

  • KAD1200 productsKAD1200, KAD1200light, KAD1200Tree
  • Product utilizationFormer, answer (hand-made work), fruit water artificial moisture, industrial


feature of product

  • World’s first propeller safety guard installed
  • The first mass-produced drone in Korea
  • Korea helicopter patent and design right applied
  • Foldable structure focused on mobility for one person (Korea helicopter patent)
  • Support Korean voice guidance on the remote controller
  • Comprehensive inspection of agricultural machinery completed (September 2016, Agricultural Technology Commercialization Foundation)
  • Completed agricultural machine model registration (September 2016, Korea Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative)
  • Maximum take-off weight of 24.9 kg (For ultra-lightweight aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 25 kg or more, flight approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and safet
  • y inspection by the Korea Transportation Safety Authority are required, Article 66 of the Enforcement Regulation of the Aviation Act.


Sales status

  • Contracted with VR Korea as a sole distributor (2019.01 ~)
  • National Agricultural Cooperative Federation system purchase supply, local government subsidiary business supply, etc.
  • Gangwon Human Resources Development Institute (2017.04)
  • Distributor contract with Ansung Loader (2016.09)
  • China GYBC (Guo Yao Bo Cheng) sales contract (2016.10)
  • Others supplied by Rural Development Administration (2016.11)

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