Innovative Technology

We, STR-SOLUTION Co.,Ltd. are a South Korean developer and manufacturer of an innovative Air Space Sterilizer and Purifier. For many years of restless efforts of developing and research for most efficient method of sterilizing pathogens in our indoor living and working environment, The STR-SOLUTION Air Space Sterilizer and Purifier products have come out to the market right on time where the world human societies are challenged by Covid-19 corona virus.

100% Safe on Human & Enviornmnet

STR-SOLUTION Air Space Sterilizer & Purifier technology, throughout numerous efficacy tests performed by various different testing laboratories and authorities in Korea and USA, proved its efficacy for removal SARS Corona, MERS Corona, H1N1 and Covid-19 corona virus 99.99% in the air and on the surface of materials in an indoor space. And the air substances emitted from STR-SOLUTION Air Sterilizer is 0% harmful to human and environment.

We strongly believe that our Air Sterilizer technology is the best solution to bring our social activities back to normal with healthier and safe as before Covid-19 epidemic. We are proudly supplying our technology and products to various sectors fighting restlessly against Covid-19 epidemic.
At present, more than 100 hospitals and clinics, government offices and premises and franchise business sites in Korea are currently keep their premises sterilized and safe with a great satisfaction of using STR-SOLUTION’s air sterilizer. We are putting our best effort to develop various types of product to meet the requirement for various applications such as a ceiling ventilation for attaching on to the existing air conditioning and ventilation system in the large building, a device for applying to public transportations such as Bus, Train and Airplane.

Air Sterilizing by OH Radical

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