Advance Technologies Innovative Alliance

Advance Technologies Innovative Alliance

We are a comprehensive technology company partnership with various technology developing and manufacturing companies range from hardware and software design for IOT to Robotics and Autonomous mobilities.  Our passion for smart technology is the drive for developing prospective technologies from ideation to market. We specialize in smart technology for manufacturing, farming, security, automotive, Medical & Healthcare, Edutainment and Sportainment. ATIA is currently managing 50 over projects and in the midst of collaborating with our smart technology partners to collaborate and commercialize.

With our large repository of technologies and know-how, ATIA is a strong conduit for companies moving towards Industrial Revolution 4.0 to stay at the forefront of innovation and to remain competitive.

ATIA creates value for stakeholders by creating new wealth, knowledge creation and new job opportunities to contribute to the economic growth through technology development. Directly and indirectly, our initiative will attract Foreign Direct Investment into the country.

ATIA strives forward with its strong mission to become an efficient and trusted IT company with highest level of technology, services and products. This initiative will leapfrog our world into a next era of technology.

Wireless Electricity Charging Technology

We provide various types of wireless charging solution to deliver a constant power source for smart devices continue being on smart.

Electricity Power Amplifier Technology

We have developed and design our own hybrid PA package that is a core component and technology for wireless charging  and network.

Electricity Power Line Communication Technology

World Best Electricity Power Line data communication technology made every home appliances communicate each other and evolve to smart without limitation.