Powerful Air Sterilizer

Destroy pathogens, mitigate odours and neuralise environmental pollutants safely.
Travel & Destroy pathogens in the air
NO Cytotoxicity. NO Harmful substance
STR Solution


STR-SOLUTION’s W-7700P is the only Air Sterilizing Solution perfectly and safely reduce pathogens in any indoor applications.  W-7700P is designed to keep the air clean from pollutants and safe from pathogens in 100 m2 for 24hours/365days with lowest energy consumption. 

STR Solution - OH Radical Air Sterilizing Solution

Current Clients in Korea

National Livestock Research Institute 
National Animal Hygiene Research Institute 
Livestock Hygiene Research Institute
Jeonbuk Livestock Research Institute
Jeonnam Disease Diagnosis Division
Livestock Products Safety Division
Foot-and-mouth diseases at Quarantine Division
Hampyung County Office
Anyang City Fire Station Infection Control Office, Anseong City / Ansan City Fire Station Infection Management Office 
Osan City Unchon Elementary School

Daejeon City Medical Association /  CheongA Hospital _ Intensive Care Unit and Operation Room /  Semin Hospital / Jeonnam University / Hospital / Semyung Pharmaceutical company storage rooms  /  TNTN hospital /  Madi Orthopedic Surgery. Carris Nursing Home / Ulsan Hospital _ Intensive Care Unit and Operating Room / Jinju Korea Hospital _ Intensive Care /  Unit and Operating Room / Iksan Public Health Center /  National Oriental Medical hospitals / Hyung Geun Park Department of Orthopedic Surgery /  Sangil Orthopedic Surgery /  Hyundai Orthopedic  / Surgery(Deokso-li) /Jeong Gu Il orthopedic surgery /Songpa Jaeil orthopedic surgery / Icheon gwanwoo orthopedic surgery / Kim kyeong hun orthopedic surgery / Yeolin Yonsei orthopedic surgery / Danggogae orthopedic surgery /    Busan Newborn Obstetrics and Gynecology / MiraeAI Women’s Hospital / Woori Medical Management cente /  Min&Kim Dental Clinic / Jinju animal hospital /  Jeju Prime Obstetrics and Gynecology /  Metrono Dentist Clinic /  Teeth&Beauty Dental Clinic /  Noel Dentist Clinic, Seoul Dentist /  Gangwha Dental Clinic / Seoul Seongbuk Dental Clinic / Lime tree dentist / Park Ki-ju dental clinic / Lee Ju-hyung dentist / Koo Cheol- in dental couple dental clinic / Onyungseok dental clinic / Kim Jin-young dental clinic / A plant dental clinic/  Shin Sun-Seob dental clinic/ Top dental clinic /  Family dental clinic and other many clinics

Golfzon (screen golf )
Garden 5 wedding hall ( buffet)
SK Broadband CS center
Conglomorate (Mirae Asset Insurance company )
Hospitals and food processing plant (clean room )
Mushroom farm (Jeonnam province )
Agricultural Products Storage Warehouse all over the country
Pig Farm ( pig incubator at Jeonnam province )